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Here are Dan’s latest products.  Purchase them together and save!

Already have the 10 Simple Songs songbooks?  Been waiting for the CDs?  These CDs features tsongs for teaching behavior expectations to your students.  The songs are sung to familiar tunes that are easy for your students to learn. (Most appropriate for educators PK-2nd grade)

Designed to complement all 20 of the Simple Lessons for Better Behavior in the Classroom, this handy kit features the main ideas students need to remember while working to make good choices.  These signs provide good visual prompts to jog students’ memories while helping them internalize important lessons.  Different ideas can be highlighted throughout the year, depending on which skills need to be reinforced.  

In school, teachers give students what they need to be successful, but they don’t always give students what they want.  This can be a hard lesson for some students to accept.  In this second book, Juan Pablo is back with his best friend, Jax.  Juan Pablo wakes up hungry and wants to eat everything in sight, but he soon learns a very important lesson: It’s not always good to get everything you want!  

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