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  • 10 More Simple Lessons Reinforcement Signs


    Designed to complement 10 More Simple Lessons for Better Behavior in the Classroom, this handy kit features the main ideas students need to remember while working to make good choices. These signs provide good visual prompts to jog students’ memories while helping them internalize important lessons. Different ideas can be highlighted throughout the year, depending on which skills need to be reinforced.

    Ready to be cut out and laminated, this pack includes:

    • 12 double-sided signs featuring 24 key phrases
    • 4 blank signs for 8 additional phrases
    • 1 large Juan Pablo Chameleon stand
    • 1 large Jax stand
    • 2 popsicle sticks to hold the signs

    Skills Covered:
    Using Good Manners, Accepting Differences, Breaking Bad Habits, Exercising My Brain and Body, Putting Forth Good Effort, Accepting Challenges, Being a Good Citizen, Being a Good Friend, Showing Self-Control, Showing Integrity

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